about the blog

I first came across self-help advice unintentionally through videos that popped up on my recommended TikTok page at around 15 years old. The first few videos felt uplifting - they even gave me some sort of temporary reprieve from the world and I just wanted to float in all these beautiful sayings for a period of time. But after a while I wanted to punch the screen at how fluffy and irrelevant these quotes were to my life, I could read all the sayings in the world and nothing would actually change. Intuitively, we know these sayings have a ‘right’ feeling about them. Like okay ‘be the light’ sounds great and all but what does that even mean when I feel irritated about studying? 

Let’s be real, transformation doesn’t come when the sky opens up and you get an out-of body experience and suddenly understand every spiritual saying. Transformation comes in the mundane moments where irritations, triggers reveal your personal lies or the stories that you tell yourself that limit you. This is what inspired my blog - I take big spiritual fluffy sayings and explain them in real moments of time, moments of struggle, moments of observation, most importantly - moments of my everyday life.

About Me

hi there! My name is Victoria and I'm a high school graduate - about to study a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology. This blog is a testament to my own ability to grapple with my own fears whilst exploring my own voice, learning curves and experiences. I hope my own courage to create this blog provides you the permission slip to do whatever it is you want in life.